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BETTE are “all fired up” for steel/enamel

Bette is a family company with more than sixty years of history standing for sanitaryware products made from steel/enamel– a material that has always held a fascination for them. Bette are interested in continuously exploring and redefining the possibilities of the material with regard to both quality and design. Not only that, every one of Bette’s steel/enamel bathroom products is an expression of their passion – and by choosing Bette Steel Bathroomware, you imbue every day with a little joie-de-vivre. The pleasure you get from the lovely feel and special, permanent brilliance of the surface; the good feeling you get when you use it, as the water takes full effect; the considered comfort of the design.

Hand in hand with this fascination for the steel/enamel material and its wealth of design possibilities is Bette’s interest in achieving optimum quality through production and technology. The only place Bette’s range is made is on company premises in Delbrück, Germany and their production even involves manual input, if it improves the quality. The technology for the products – from installation to outlet – is constantly kept in mind and developed along with them. So choosing Bette bathroom products is always a guarantee of lasting value thanks to the durability and quality of BETTEGLAZE®, the timeless elegance of the forms and the level of safety when installing and in use.

See the unique range of Baths, Spas, Whirlpools, Basins & Shower Trays from Bette for yourself, and let their elegant and contemporary designs turn your bathroom into a masterpiece.


The outstanding quality of Bette products is based on high-quality titanium steel...


The unique BETTEGLAZE® enamel finish, is made from water, glass, quartz, borax and soda...


All Bette products are made on company premises in Delbrück Germany...