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Everything you need to know about smart toilets

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How Schell touchless fittings improve bathroom hygiene and reduce water consumption

Electronic touchless fittings are widely used in commercial bathrooms in shopping centres, stadiums, hospitals and the like. However, these products are suitable for more than just commercial purposes. More and more people are recognising the benefits of installing touchless fittings in their home bathrooms. 

The leading brand in touchless bathroom technology is Schell, a family owned Germany company which has been in business since 1932. Every Schell product is made in Germany from high quality materials and is built to last.  

If you’re concerned with having the utmost level of hygiene in your home or commercial premises, as well as reducing your level of water consumption, Schell has a range of innovative fittings to suit your needs.  

Electronic touchless tapware


When you stop to think about it, the way we wash our hands doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in terms of successfully removing germs. First, we touch the tap with our dirty hands, leaving germs behind on the tap. Then we soap up for the sole purpose of removing germs. After we’ve rinsed off the soap, we use our now clean hands to touch the tap to turn it off. But that tap is covered in germs from when we first touched it. It almost makes the process of washing our hands pointless. 

This is why having touchless tapware is such a great idea, both in commercial and residential bathrooms. Schell makes a range of basin mixers with infrared sensors that allow you to simply wave your hand across in order to start the flow of water, eliminating the need to touch a germ covered tap. 

These basin mixers go a step further than the average touchless tapware on the market. Certain models of Schell electronic mixers feature Bluetooth technology which allows you to pre-program how long the water runs for once the sensor has been activated using your phone. This is a great water saving feature. You can also use your phone to adjust temperature settings and check the diagnostics of the mixer. 

Another benefit of having touchless tapware in your home or commercial bathroom is that water splashes are reduced. When you have to turn a tap off with wet hands, you inevitably leave water droplets around the basin and tap area when you move your hands. With touchless tapware, you can move your hands directly away from the basin after washing them. Water is a breeding ground for germs, so less water on your countertop makes for a more hygienic bathroom.  

Electronic touchless toilets 

Tapware isn’t the only bathroom fixture to be revolutionised by touchless technology. Electronic touchless toilets have quickly gained popularity in airports, shopping centres and office buildings over the years. This is hardly surprising, given that toilets are the prime culprit of germs in bathrooms.

There are many touchless toilets available which utilise flush buttons which are activated when you wave your hand over a sensor. However, Schell has taken the technology one step further. The Edition E electronic concealed flush valve from Schell provides the ultimate in hygiene. The electronic flush valve features contact-free actuation, whereby the flushing is carried out automatically when the user leaves the area of the sensor. Not having to touch the flush button significantly prevents the spread of germs and bacteria from people’s hands. 

The Edition E also has an automatic stagnation flush that flushes every 24 hours after the last use, making sure no stagnation water forms. The user monitoring can be adjusted in the range and can be perfectly adapted to the local circumstances. If the period of use is less than 45 seconds, only a “small flush volume” is actuated. For longer periods of use, the “full flush volume” is actuated.

This system also features the added advantage of optional Bluetooth technology.

Electronic touchless urinals 

For commercial bathrooms, such as stadiums and shopping centres, Schell has developed a range of sophisticated touchless urinals. Infrared sensors are able to detect the user standing in front of the urinal and releases a pre-set flush volume as soon as the sensor detects that the user has left its range. So the whole flushing process is completely contact-free. 

To further promote hygiene, the urinal control features an integrated stagnation flush to prevent standing water in the supply line and the build up of odour. This ensures an automatic flush every 24 hours after the last actuation.

A ‘stadium’ mode setting can also be activated during very high volume use times. With this setting, the sensor will detect when multiple people are using the urinal and automatically go into ‘stadium’ mode. In this mode, the urinal will only flush every 1 or 2 minutes, instead of flushing after every individual use in order to reduce water consumption. The urinal will then automatically go back into ‘normal’ mode after the peak use period has ended.  

Interested in Schell touchless fittings for your bathroom project? Talk to the team at Argent. 

Whether you’re renovating a home bathroom or working on a commercial project, Argent is here to help. Our bathroom experts have all the right know-how to recommend the perfect products for your needs so that you can make that final decision with confidence. 

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