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Speed or pleasure – how do you shower?

Most of us start our day with a morning shower. As part of a study, psychologist Alfred Gebert of the University of Münster divided showering behaviour into four types, each one of which tells us something about the particular personality.

Have you ever wondered what shower type you are? Possibly not. But psychology professor Alfred Gebert has addressed the topic, and in a study he has characterised four different shower types. There are major differences in how we all shower, and in fact the way we do it says a lot about our personality.

The nourishing shower type

Nourishing shower types are very health conscious. Aesthetics are important to them, but so is naturalness. The shower is not only for cleansing, but also boosts their well-being. On the other hand, for them the shower is quite clearly the first step in their daily beauty routine. The nourishing shower type also likes to take a little more time for their shower, and prefers to use natural products. The bathroom is designed along the same lines, with clarity, in a natural style, and modern.

The fitness shower type

For the fitness shower type, the shower has one particular aim for them: making them fit and awake for the day. However, the after-sports shower also refreshes and revitalises them. Fitness shower types are active and disciplined. To them the shower is less of a ritual, but rather helps them to keep a healthy body. They like to use brushes and massage shower heads, and prefer alternating showers with hot and cold water to revitalise hard-working muscles after sports or a workout, and to boost their circulation. The fitness shower type spends less time in the bathroom than the nourishing shower type, but the time is very precious to them. Instead of unnecessary “stuff”, their bathrooms are fresh with a modern interior, and contain mainly functional objects.

The speedy shower type

The speedy shower type is probably the most pragmatic of all the shower types. Instead of standing under the water spray for ages, the speedy shower type effectively jumps in the shower, and quite possibly brush their teeth and/or shave while they are there. To them, the shower is not about relaxing and pleasure, but about getting clean as quickly and efficiently as possible. The speedy shower type usually leaves the bathroom after no more than ten minutes, so it’s no wonder that their bathroom is also plain and unassuming, with a practical, minimalist interior.

The pleasure shower type

The pleasure shower type is the exact opposite of the speedy shower type. Spending an age under the delightfully warm water until they are as wrinkled as a prune is, for them, the perfect way to relax after a busy, stressful day. For the pleasure shower type, showering is like a wellness treatment, and in fact relaxation and well-being are generally very important to them. The bathroom is not only a functional room, but a haven of well-being. Consequently, the furniture and other objects in the bathroom are all designed to match harmoniously. Warm light and natural materials such as wood and stone create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. There will often also be music playing quietly.

Do you see yourself in any of the above types? Or does your showering behaviour change depending on how you feel at the time or how much time you have?

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