Aveo Wall-Hung Bidet

Aveo Wall-Hung Bidet
Inspired by nature

Aveo from Villeroy & Boch creates a wellness oasis filled with innovative functions and aesthetic purity. Using clear sweeping shapes full of natural lightness, these high-quality ceramics fulfil the most exacting standards in terms of materials and designs. The CeramicPlus surface coating provides optimum comfort and convenience, even when cleaning. Dirt and limescale are simply rinsed away with the water. The smoothly flowing forms of Aveo turn your bathroom into a calming retreat where you can go to recharge.

• Egg-shaped design by Conran & Partners
• Smooth-sided design with concealed fastenings
• Easy-clean CeramicPlus finish supplied standard
• 5 year warranty on ceramics
• 1 Taphole
• Includes Bidet Installation Kit
• Optional Mounting Frame available (9954)
74110001 Aveo Wall-Hung Bidet - 1 tap hole

Features and Benefits

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