BetteLux Shape Colour

Design Lines

The BetteLux collection is characterised by a flowing, natural design that is formed from an organic basic shape, with extremely delicate outer rims. This elegant line looks wonderfully at home anywhere. The voluminous interiors of these baths and washbasins appear effortless in their perfection. Minimalism with perfect craftsmanship. 

The freestanding bath and basin are available in a glossy black or white titanium enamelled steel.

Powder-coated Steel Frames

Powder-coated steel frames support the BetteLux Shape baths and washbasins as though they are weightless. The frames emphasise the full beauty of the organic bath design. A specially designed overflow, together with other sophisticated details – such as the precise corners of the bath forming a flush finish with the edge of the frame – reinforce the idea of perfect minimalism.

The powder-coated steel frame accentuates the full beauty of the bath and basin and is available in the following six colours.

BetteLux Shape frames are available in six different colours, exclusively for BetteLux baths and washbasins. They can be used tone on tone, or as a contrast to the black or white enamelled baths and basins.