Installing Touchless Tapware in your bathroom is easier than you think

Touchless tapware has become a sought-after upgrade for those looking to decrease water use and elevate hygiene within their homes.

Argent Australia | 18 Apr 24 | 2 mins

Villeroy & Boch: The Creators of the Modern Bathroom

Villeroy & Boch, the renowned German ceramics manufacturer, has played a pivotal role in revolutionising the modern bathroom.

Argent Australia | 02 Nov 23 | 2 mins

The InterContinental Sydney: Redefining Harbor Views and Luxury Accommodation

For architects and interior designers looking to create spaces that embrace iconic surroundings, the InterContinental Sydney serves as an exception

Argent Australia | 27 Sep 23 | 2 mins

Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips for Foodies

Are you about to embark on a kitchen design? A beautifully designed kitchen can contribute to so much ease, flow and joy in our homes. To give you inspiration and actionable advice for getting this right, we’ve once again tapped into Interior Designer Scott Bagnell’s wellspring of knowledge.

Scott Bagnell | 21 Oct 22 | 9 mins

The Tasman Hobart

The Tasman Hobart Hotel is a stunning example of quality European bathroom products in a luxury setting.

Lisa Brewster | 08 Sep 22 | 3 mins

Expert Tips for Designing your Dream Bathroom

A new bathroom - excited or daunted?  If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll know that wrangling the moving parts to a new bathroom is not for the faint hearted. While our guest author this month is no fairy godmother, Interior Designer Scott Bagnell is a wizard at turning wishes into reality. We’ve asked him to take us through his top tips for getting the bathroom of your dreams.

Scott Bagnell | 18 Jul 22 | 8 mins

How to Choose the Right Coloured Tapware for your Renovation or New Project

Are you about to renovate? Or selecting fittings for your new project? Learn how to choose the right coloured tapware, incorporating the right basin, accessories, and design into your decision.

Lisa Brewster | 21 Jun 22 | 9 mins

Crystalbrook Byron

Nestled in 45-acres of magical subtropical rainforest and a stones throw from Tallows Beach is Crystalbrook Byron. A true celebration of nature, responsible luxury accommodation and the local environment.

Argent Australia | 20 Dec 21 | 2 mins

JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa

Boasting ocean and river views, the JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa invites guests to experience five-star resort amenities and award-winning service from within their newly refurbished luxury hotel. 

Argent Australia | 15 Oct 21 | 3 mins

Rhodes Central Sydney

Rhodes Peninsula - an opulent hub that fuses luxury living, retail and dining - has become one of the fastest growing suburbs in Sydney. Floating skyward and facing Sydney Harbour Bridge, Rhodes Central Apartments is the luminous tower that offers a dreamscape for residents who want to experience the buzz of the city while enjoying a retreat-like lifestyle. 

Argent Australia | 14 Oct 21 | 3 mins

10 ways to create a sustainable bathroom

Sustainable living has become a lifestyle choice for many and thanks to modern technology and innovative design, creating a sustainable bathroom that features environmentally friendly products has never been easier. 

Argent Australia | 14 Sep 21 | 5 mins

Everything you need to know about the Evo Smart Toilet

Smart toilets, just like other smart home devices, are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at the Argent Evo Smart Toilet and unpack each of it’s key functions.   

Argent Australia | 06 Apr 21 | 3 mins