Crystalbrook Byron

Nestled in 45-acres of magical subtropical rainforest and a stones throw from Tallows Beach is Crystalbrook Byron. A true celebration of nature, responsible luxury accommodation and the local environment.

Argent Australia | 20 Dec 21 | 2 mins

JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa

Boasting ocean and river views, the JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa invites guests to experience five-star resort amenities and award-winning service from within their newly refurbished luxury hotel. 

Argent Australia | 15 Oct 21 | 3 mins

Rhodes Central Sydney

Rhodes Peninsula - an opulent hub that fuses luxury living, retail and dining - has become one of the fastest growing suburbs in Sydney. Floating skyward and facing Sydney Harbour Bridge, Rhodes Central Apartments is the luminous tower that offers a dreamscape for residents who want to experience the buzz of the city while enjoying a retreat-like lifestyle. 

Argent Australia | 14 Oct 21 | 3 mins

10 ways to create a sustainable bathroom

Sustainable living has become a lifestyle choice for many and thanks to modern technology and innovative design, creating a sustainable bathroom that features environmentally friendly products has never been easier. 

Argent Australia | 14 Sep 21 | 5 mins

Everything you need to know about the Evo Smart Toilet

Smart toilets, just like other smart home devices, are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at the Argent Evo Smart Toilet and unpack each of it’s key functions.   

Argent Australia | 06 Apr 21 | 3 mins

Installing Touchless Tapware in your smart bathroom is easier than you think

The era of the smart home is well and truly upon us, with homeowners opting to install smart technology to make their lives easier, safer and in many ways more personalised. Now one of the most popular smart technology fixtures that homeowners are installing in their bathrooms is touchless tapware

Argent Australia | 19 Mar 21 | 4 mins

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet FAQs

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet is the next generation in smart toilet design - combining beautiful aesthetics with superior functionality to allow a highly personalised experience every time. But how does it work? In this blog we answer some common frequently asked questions. 

Argent Australia | 08 Mar 21 | 2 mins

Love entertaining in your home? Here’s some tips for designing the perfect bathroom

Are you the type to jump at the chance to host a dinner party, a birthday bash or an epic New Year’s Eve celebration? If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you’ve designed your home to be an ‘entertainers’ style home. Something you may have overlooked in your entertainers style home is your bathroom.  Your bathroom should be designed to impress your guests with both functionality and comfort in mind. So if you want to add that extra special detail to your space, consider the design of your bathroom/s carefully. Here’s some tips to keep in mind.

Argent Australia | 21 Dec 20 | 3 mins

How to design a gorgeous guest bathroom

The way you decorate your home is often an expression of your sense of style as well as your personality.

Argent Australia | 16 Dec 20 | 5 mins

Everything you need to know about smart toilets

Just as we can ask Alexa to open our blinds in the living room, we can now also enjoy the conveniences of touchless tapware, waterproof TVs and baths you can pre-program to fill. In keeping with this prevalent trend of smart home technology, smart toilets are fast becoming a hot ticket item.

Argent Australia | 09 Dec 20 | 4 mins

Melbourne Grand

Discover this latest apartment tower, a stunning 58-storey tower rising above the Melbourne CBD. The Melbourne Grand features stylish designs and spacious layouts with sleek, modern fixtures and fittings designed for everyday living. 

Argent Australia | 21 Oct 20 | 2 mins

How to create a parents’ retreat style of bathroom

There have been plenty of bathroom design trends which have come and gone over recent years.  Now one of the latest crazes we are seeing are bathrooms which are designed to be a ‘parents’ retreat’ — a luxurious space where relaxation and privacy are the priority.

If you’re currently designing a new bathroom, or renovating your existing one, here’s some features you should incorporate if you want to achieve that parents’ retreat style.

Argent Australia | 13 Oct 20 | 4 mins