The Effects Of Shapes

Shapes address the subconscious. They can be used with purpose to create exciting room presentations.

Tanja Pabelick - Bette | Tips & Advice | 05 Aug 19 | 4 mins

Experience Bette's Glazed Titanium Steel

Glazed titanium steel – the perfect material for the bathroom.

Video | 19 Jul 19 | 2 mins

Argent Heated Towel Rails

Warm up in the bathroom this winter with these stylish Heated Towel Rails. Made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, most other similar products on the market are 201 Grade Stainless Steel, making Argent’s Heated Towel Rails more robust.

Product Highlight | 01 Jul 19 | 2 mins

Brisbane Skytower

Set in the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant metropolis, this new world city offers cool café precincts, fine dining, art, culture and luxury stores.While the adjacent beautiful city botanic gardens form a cocoon of riverside serenity at the tower’s feet.

Projects | 01 Jul 19 | 3 mins

Embrace Showers

Timeless design and elegant lines characterise the Embrace shower series from Villeroy & Boch.The hand showers are available with either one or three jet modes — Relax, Massage and Intense — which can be individually adjusted on the shower head.

Product Highlight | 01 Jul 19 | 2 mins

Villeroy & Boch Collaro

With Collaro you create timelessly beautiful living spaces that invite you to feel good. Stylish detailing yet homely. Striking is the contrasting design edge that characterises the independent image of the collection.

Product Highlight | 30 Jun 19 | 1 mins

Bette Space

hanks to its angular shape this bath introduces a touch of edge and fully captivates you to have a closer look. Perfect for one or two people, with ample space for two people to snuggle or if you’re looking for just a quiet time to rest this bath ticks all the boxes.

Product Highlight | 30 Jun 19 | 2 mins


Every shell is hand-made individually from titanium steel in an extensive process, first shaped and then glazed on both the inside and outside. The thin side walls that taper towards the top give the generous shape a delicate and organic effect.

Product Highlight | 30 Jun 19 | 1 mins

Create Your Own Luxury Spa Experience at Home

No need to book into a day spa when you can create your own spa experience at home.  The fine bubbles of Villeroy & Boch’s whirlpool range gently stimulates circulation and soothes the body and soul.

Villeroy & Boch | Product Highlight | 29 Mar 19 | 1 mins

Quaryl: A unique and high quality material for baths.

Being silky smooth as well as nice and warm against your skin, Quaryl baths are perfect for making you feel good. Quaryl can be used for precise and versatile designs, it is very resistant and pleasant to the touch. An unusual material for beautiful baths of lasting value.

Villeroy & Boch | Video | 29 Mar 19 | 1 mins

DirectFlush Technology: A perfect design for the highest degree of cleanliness

Ever wondered what lurks under the rim of a standard toilet, where the toilet brush and cleaning agent can’t reach? Villeroy & Boch eliminates your hygiene concerns with its DirectFlush rimless design technology.

Villeroy & Boch | Technology | 28 Mar 19 | 1 mins

The Provenance

On first glance, “The Provenance” sits un-assumedly in a quiet Nedlands street in Perth amongst neighbouring homes that all reflect an architectural style of times gone by. The Californian Bungalow facade is familiar to many of us. Perhaps it reminds us of our own home as a child, or the place we would go to spend time with Grandparents.

Projects | 01 Feb 19 | 1 mins