Hansa Philosophy

"EXPERIENCE WATER" The HANSA brand encompasses the idea of designing water as well as fittings. An idea that hits home wherever there is water: across nations and borders and into the four corners of the earth. We are therefore striving to create the perfect unity of design and functionality. This is reflected in fittings that are as functional as they are fascinating thus making it both possible: To use and experience water.

ULTRA-HIGH QUALITY (OF LIFE) HANSA supplies the best quality on the market: This is the commitment that we set ourselves – and the standard by which you measure us. We meet this standard with both passion and purpose: with products of exceptional quality that are long-lasting and reliable. And with services that support you and exceed your expectations. In this way, everything we do is focused on improving the quality that you value most: quality of life.

AS MODERN AS THEIR ASPIRATIONS For us, being a modern brand means seeing the future as something that begins today. By thinking and acting in keeping with the times, we continuously develop new, innovative solutions. Our goal is to provide products time and again with a high practical and aesthetic value that always meet your needs better than before.

AWARD-WINNING PARTNERSHIP A host of coveted awards prove how well we meet the highest of standards: In 2014, the readers of "markt intern", the business information service for German plumbing specialists, voted HANSA the "No. 1 specialist trade partner" for the 19th time in succession as part of the "performance report for sanitary fittings" that is awarded every two years. The high degree of trust placed in us by our partners is the driving force that makes us strong and will also secure the future success of the HANSA brand.

SIMPLE. PERFECTION. Our products are an important part of your everyday life. For this reason, we go to great lengths to design them to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible. This is all the more significant, the more complex the tasks and solutions become. Ensuring maximum pleasure and minimum effort, combining exceptional utility and a simple concept: only then can we talk of perfection.

MINIMIZING THE ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT – MAXIMISING THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR We make sure that you can use and enjoy water every day at home with a good feeling – be it in the bath-room or in the kitchen. The latest technologies guarantee optimum drinking water hygiene and offer exceptional safety. Above all, however, we help you conserve water and energy. With environmentally-compatible products, we want to play our part in keeping the ecological foot-print as low as possible – and leaving only a positive impression