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As Germany’s number one bathroom technology manufacturer, Schell’s reputation for high-quality, technically innovative products make them the first choice for commercial bathroom fit outs, with more and more people now also recognising the benefits of installing these fittings in their home bathrooms. 

Founded in 1932, Schell has a proud history of providing intelligent “German made” products that deliver water-efficient, hygienic and user-friendly solutions.

With over 80 years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying specialised fittings for building technology such as electronic and timer tapware as well as solutions for urinals and toilets. Their products are extensively used in commercial developments internationally and throughout Australia including numerous;

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Offices
  • Aged-care Living
  • Childcare Centres
  • Education Facilities
  • Public Amenities

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As hygiene has become a greater priority in our daily lives, a natural addition to the modern smart home is touchless tapware. This smart technology ensures that you and your family maintain optimum hygiene practices and that your home is both water efficient and future proofed.  


Schell offer a range of basin mixers that allow you to simply wave your hand in front of the mixer to start the flow of water. This seamless process maximises hygiene and eliminates the transfer of germs as you no longer need to touch a tap after cleaning your hands. The touchless function also reduces puddles of water around the sink and watermarks on the tap which makes cleaning effortless. 

   Touchless tapware allows you to move your hands directly away from the basin after washing them - reducing splash and consequently water on your sink and countertop that becomes a breeding ground for germs. For the residential bathroom, this minimises cleaning and optimises hygiene.
   Schell's touchless tapware gives users the ability to personalise their experience by adjusting the water flow to last between 1 and 360 seconds. Users can also adjust the sensor to active from short, medium and long distances. Crown jewel of the range, the Celis E model boasts bluetooth capabilities where users can callibrate their touchless tap via their smart phone. 

Schell enjoys being renowned as the pioneer in the field of sustainable fittings. By using their products alone, it is possible to reduce water usage by up to 60%. Their intelligent product solutions include contact-free tapware and urinal fittings which minimise water wastage.


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