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Expert Tips for Designing your Dream Bathroom

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Cosmopolitan design shower

Black Beauty: sturdy and robust, restrained and simple. No one can bypass this handsome SoHo shower by JEE-O. What a powerful design! A single line, curved, with subtle, rounded accents, and the eye-catcher – the elegant mixer with its tactile rubber surface. This freestanding shower is made of stainless steel and finished with a dark hammer surface to ensure the exquisite industrial look. And that also makes it suitable for outdoor use. A stunning splash of a shower to make your mouth water!

SoHo is a vibrant neighbourhood in cosmopolitan New York, a melting pot of cultures where apparent contradictions generate its dynamic atmosphere: poetry and graffiti, jazz and rap, street wear and haute couture. Former industrial lofts are now tastefully furnished homes, sober yet stalwart. JEE-O could have chosen no more perfect name for its newest collection. Style is everything, and SoHo shines in all its simplicity.

Less is more

The strength of this delicious shower lies in its ingenious and sophisticated design. No unnecessary extras, just beautiful lines and a single, perfect accent. Our eye moves to the mixer, used like a subtle joystick. Then there is the tactile touch of the grip, with a rubber surface that asks to be stroked. Thanks to the one-move faucet cartridge, a single, fluid motion provides warmer or cooler water and more or less water flow. This is precisely the kind of advanced technique that distinguishes JEE-O products.

Made of stainless steel and finished with a dark hammer coating

Indoors and out

The freestanding SoHo shower is made of stainless steel and finished with a dark hammer coating, putting the focus on the pure, industrial design. It is an all-weather coating, so the SoHo shower is suitable for outdoor use – alongside the swimming pool or for cooling off in the garden in summertime. With the 365 all-weather frost-free option, it can be used all year round: frost free in all possible weathers.


The SoHo shower is the first result of the collaboration between JEE-O and the Grand & Johnson design studio, based in Amsterdam. Together, Bertel Grote and Jeroom Jansen have more than 20 years’ experience in creating high-end interiors in and beyond the Netherlands. Their style is an expression of balance, between tension and logic, between spectacular and austere, between the ultimate in taste and handsome minimalism. 

JEE-O and Grand & Johnson: cosmopolitan creatives joining forces to design maximal minimalism.

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