Marie Herrmann Rauscher | Wellness | 17 Jul 18 | 3 mins

The right relaxation after sports

Do you like sports and being active? With the right tips for relaxing your muscles, you can achieve the perfect combination of relaxation, well-being and regeneration.

A fabulous workout, enjoyable jog along your favourite route or some serious sweating with friends: physical activities keep us fit and support a healthy lifestyle. However, the right regeneration after exercise is just as important for helping your muscles to relax. Finding the right kind of relaxation depends on what you’ve been doing and your personal preference. Our tips will not only help you to increase your well-being, but will also ensure that you’re soon ready for more peak achievements.

Slow run for relaxation

People who are physically active need to make sure they give their bodies the necessary rest times. A slow run for between 20 and 25 minutes not only loosens the muscles, but also encourages lactate breakdown in the body. The pulse and heart rate slow down, and you can start the actual regeneration.

Liquids and carbohydrates

After exercise and always before exercise.   Before you can challenge your body again, you should give it liquids and carbohydrates. This will fill up your energy reserves and help with your regeneration.  Good energy suppliers are, for instance, a combination of apple juice and flat mineral water at a ratio of 1:3. Bananas are also excellent. Make sure, though, that your food and drinks are at room temperature, as this is kinder to your stomach. Do not drink alcohol, because that takes liquid from your body, and in the worst case will result in dehydration.

Opposites attract: Hot and cold showers

You can, but you certainly don’t have to jump into a barrel of ice. Alternating cold and hot showers have been proven to encourage muscle relaxation after exercise. They stimulate the circulation and boost your performance. What is important is that you finish with the cold shower. According to independent studies, not only do cold showers aid regeneration, but they also strengthen the immune system, and in the long term you may suffer from fewer coughs and colds.

Haven of peace in your own bathroom

Nothing boosts our own well-being as much as having our own special retreat that we have furnished exactly as we want it. The bathroom has long stopped being just somewhere to get clean at home. Music, light and colour concepts enable us to create an individual setting that is both a haven of peace and a wellness temple.

Of course, you don’t have to go for an all-out refurbishment. Just a few individual accents such as hurricane lamps with candles, pretty chains of lights and your favourite music playing on a tablet or smartphone will help to create your very own personal dream bathroom.


We’ve all seen pictures of athletes leaving the track or circuit surrounded by physios and medics. But even if you don’t have the luxury of your own support crew, you can often book a massage with a physio or massage therapist. Just ask around your friends for a recommendation, and then treat yourself to a relaxing massage.

Get fit and stay fit – follow our tips for quick regeneration and relaxation after exercise.

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